The Twelve Huntsmen

The Twelve Huntsmen



I read through Grimm’s Fairy Tales and wasn’t really surprised that most of the stories are either cautionary tales or princes winning princess like their prizes at a carnival. One story stood out to me though, The Twelve Huntsmen.

I really like the story of The Twelve Huntsmen and how it differed from the rest of Grimm’s Fairytales. It was a princess that was going after a prince and her achieving her goals by using cunning and overcoming female stereotypes of the time. Arguably in the light of the 21st century she should have ditched in the prince, because he left her for someone else, but I feel it still has some a good messages none the less. I definitely enjoyed reading it and encourage others to do the same.

Once I created the cover I turned it and the story into an e-book. This is the only story in the e-book so I wanted to give it a little more decoration and I did that by creating a title illustration for the first page.

Below I have it available to download it in a zip folder. The folder contains a pdf, Epub, and a Mobi(kindles).

It’s FREE you can Download It HERE